The WebView Patient Portal allows practices to share patient health information confidentially, in a secure setting to patients and other physicians and consulting providers. Patients and physicians can easily view this information in a web browser from any device that has internet access. Portions of the patient's chart that can be made viewable include: future appointments, lab results, current medications, and overdue health maintenance.

WebView also provides a centralized location for patients to submit and complete online forms (online appointment requests, new or returning patient registration forms, and secure messaging), which enhances patient communication and satisfaction and helps reduce phone call, expedite patient registration, facilitate the referral process, and improve patient care.

Setting up patients inside Medisoft Clinical takes just a few short minutes and can be accomplished by following the simple steps below.

To create a patient login to the WebView portal:

Inside Clinical, look up the patient's chart and click OK to open the chart.

When the chart opens, click the Patient button on the toolbar to open the Patient Demographics.


Inside the Patient Demographics window, click on the Configuration tab (1) and check the box to the right of Allow Web View Access for Patient (2).


Next, you will create a Login Name and Initial Password for the patient. We suggest the patient's email address be used as the Login Name since it is unique to the patient. The password requires a capital letter and special character be used. We suggest using the patient's chart number and a special character (i.e. TESHO000$). Once the patient logs in for the first time they will be required to change it. After completed, click Apply to save and then click OK.


This will take you back to the General tab (1). The last step is to enter the patient's email address in the email field if it is not already there (2). If there is no email address they cannot be sent any emails through WebView. Once entered, click OK to save.