Many of you may not be aware that Accudata Service handles both Medisoft and general technology support for hundreds of computers, belonging to dozens of medical practices. Our support team consists of Holly, Jon, Kim and Ray who bring a combined total of over 30 years of experience in supporting our client’s technology. This article will explain two of our most popular support options and how they are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Let’s start with the safe assumption that you do not plan your day around a major disruption due to an issue getting Medisoft to open. You do not expect the computers and software you depend on to run slowly or hold you back. In short, you would rather not have to spend much of your busy workday tied up with a computer problem.

Our first approach to meeting this expectation is using our Accudata Premium Care offering to proactively prevent problems by performing regular computer maintenance and patching. Just like a car, maintenance on your servers and workstations is the key to avoiding preventable problems, as well as detecting the signs of an impending hardware failure. Unfortunately, it’s the boring kind of key that only computer geeks like us seem to enjoy. Accudata has invested in remote monitoring and management tools which allow our technicians to perform regular maintenance and respond to alerts behind the scenes for hundreds of endpoints. We do our absolute best to avoid interrupting you to perform our maintenance service so your computers work well in the morning.

Another reason prevention is important is because clients tend to be crankier when they have to call because a computer is ruining their day. Despite our best efforts, issues will still happen - which leads to our second line of defense: a stellar help desk team. Meeting our customer’s expectations could not be done without having a team of experienced and talented help desk technicians working problem tickets as they arise. Anyone who has worked with our award-winning support team can tell you that we have some of the best techs in the business. Every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm we have anywhere from 2-4 technicians working together to resolve tickets for our Premium Care and Medisoft Support clients. We also have after hours support available 24/7 in the event there is a major emergency.

Our support clients are able to report an issue by emailing, calling or opening a ticket via our web portal. These tickets are entered into our system, where our support team is expected to respond according to our internal response and resolution times. In general, we would advise support clients that our goal is to a return all normal calls within one business day. As many of you already know, calls are returned much quicker than this under normal operating conditions. We will respond as soon as possible in the event that an issue has caused your entire office to be unable to work. Once each ticket is resolved a survey is sent to the client’s email address so that you have an opportunity to provide feedback directly to the management team.

Our best survey results come from our clients who use both Medisoft software support and Premium Care for their network. With both agreements, these clients only have to make one call to Accudata and we can address any of their supported computer issues. These tickets go directly into our service queue to be called back. As a result, we are able to provide these clients with technology that performs well and a speedy service response that consistently meets and exceeds their expectation.

We want to say a sincere “Thank you” to our current Medisoft Support and Accudata Premium Care clients. Remember to give us a call if you are ever having an issue with your computers and or software. No issue is too big or too small. Also, if you don’t call us then we get bored and usually get ourselves into trouble.

If you are not already using both of our support offerings we hope that you will strongly consider including us in your technology budget going forward. Give us a call and we can discuss more specifically how our services could be used to help your business run more efficiently moving forward.