Continuous advances in technology are constantly forcing industries to evolve and develop new strategies to adapt and remain afloat. The healthcare industry is not immune to these sweeping changes. In the healthcare industry, technology has even changed the way medical professionals acquire new patients. In the past, physicians relied heavily on word-of-mouth to get new patients through the doors of their practices. While existing patients referring their friends and family members was certainly effective in the past, it has become less and less effective within the past decade.

Why? The internet.

The internet has become consumers' choice for information - even healthcare information. The internet's 24/7 availability gives consumers information at their fingertips whenever they need it. With that in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise that today most prospective patients use private practice websites to aid in the decision-making process when seeking out a new physician. Even if a prospective new patient does hear about a practice through word-of-mouth, they are likely to search the practice online to gain more information before contacting and scheduling an appointment. The unfortunate reality today is that if your practice is unable to be found online, then there is a strong likelihood that you are losing a considerable number of potential patients.

Because there is so much reliance on the internet for information, it is important that you do everything you can to get the correct information about your practice out into the public. You may not be aware, but there are healthcare websites that provide patients with a list of local physicians, credentials, and services provided by the practice. Except, what if even one of these websites lists incorrect information regarding your practice? Do you have a trusted source of information for patients to turn to so they aren't misinformed? if the answer to that question is "no," or you made one of those uncomfortable "ugh" sounds after reading it, it is time to get your website up and running. You are a patient's most trusted source of information, so it is important for you to establish a portal of communication for them. Communicate your practice's mission and information regarding staff, credentials, services, and even goals the way you want to be represented - not the way some other site chooses to represent you.

Many medical professionals are either on the fence about creating a website for their practice or they feel a website is not important to their business. If you are reading this and fall into either of those two categories, put some serious thought into your business goals and how you may have to evolve further into the world of technology to achieve them. Web presence is almost necessary for any industry in the world today - even healthcare. It doesn't have to be fancy, simplicity is fine; it just needs to be there.

If creating a website seems too intimidating to take on yourself, or you have no extra time to put one together, give us a call. We will create a site for you that establishes your web presence and represents your practice the way you want it to be represented.